NEW: Barefoot Riesling

Taste the Palatinate, barefoot – with a wonderfully fruity Riesling from the Palatinate, Barefoot from California adds a perfect summer wine to its famous range.

Since its founding in the 1960s, somewhere in a small garage in California, the brand of Barefoot has stood for limitlessness openness: With full conviction, Barefoot stands up for tolerance worldwide, for equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, for environmental protection and a variety of charities as well as for free artists. The rainbow-colored range is not only an eye-catcher on the shelf, but above all a strong statement for a colorful world, for fun and joy of life.

With this philosophy at heart, Barefoot is also constantly pushing the boundaries of its own horizons - most recently with a new wine: since spring 2021, a wonderfully fruity Riesling from the Palatinate has joined the Barefoot family from California. Up to now, this consisted in Germany of a rosé as well as three varietal white and four red wines. And Barefoot has also remained true to its own standards in the selection of the new Riesling: The wine is also single-varietal and, with its lively fruit and uncomplicated character, fits perfectly into the existing Barefoot portfolio.

With a good amount of 1,800 hours of sunshine per year, the Palatinate is one of the mildest regions in Germany, with an almost Mediterranean climate. Surrounded and protected by low mountain ranges and chains of hills, the conditions here on the Rhine plain are ideal for viticulture - especially for the cultivation of Riesling. The sun-drenched landscape produces fruit-intensive and aromatic wines, including the new Barefoot Riesling:

The slightly semi-dry wine is made from 100% Palatinate Riesling. It comes with a light and fruity profile characterized by notes of nectarine, juicy peach and crisp pears. This is joined by delicate aromas of apple blossom and honey, as well as an all-around harmoniously integrated acidity. The ideal wine for a cozy evening on the balcony or a social picnic with friends! With a perfect drinking temperature between 8 ° and 10 ° C it is also a great companion to young cheese, spicy Asian cuisine and fresh salads.

The happy look with the famous footprint in rich dark yellow makes the Barefoot Riesling also visually a real favorite, so that it also visually perfectly blends with the rest of the colorful Barefoot range.

... by the way, Barefoot is the highest-awarded wine brand in the USA under 15 $.

» We at Barefoot believe that life's more fun when we're together. That's why our mission is to introduce new friends to wines that are fun, flavourful, and approachable. «

Jennifer Wall Kellermeisterin bei Barefoot