Best Importer International

We pop the corks!

For the third year in a row, we are delighted to receive the special award for "Best Importer International" at the BWT Berlin Wine Trophy: after 2019 and 2020, Mack & Schühle AG is once again one of the most successful distributors in the renowned competition in 2021.

Last year, renowned producers and distributors from over 40 countries submitted more than 13,600 wines to the BWT Berlin Wine Trophy - these figures make the competition one of the largest in Germany and the most important in the world. More than 400 international jurors take on the task of tasting and evaluating this multitude of wines, sparkling wines and liqueur wines. For this purpose, they come together twice a year, for a summer and a winter tasting.

We also face this competition each year with a selection of our products, convinced of the high quality of our wines and sparkling wines. Ideally, competitions like this are both an incentive and a reward!

At the last BWT tasting, a large number of our wines were convincing and once again won some of the coveted gold and silver medals. In addition, we were named BEST IMPORTEUR INTERNATIONAL for the third year in a row - a tribute to the high quality in our portfolios.

We are very pleased and thank you for this great award!

Here are some of our latest winners: