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Flor de Caña - the blossom of Nicaragua

Picturesquely located at the foot of the mighty San Cristóbal volcano, considered the highest and most active volcano in Nicaragua, lies the distillery that was awarded the title of "leader in sustainable distilling" in 2021: Flor de Caña. Today, the distillery is run by the fifth family generation and looks back on more than 130 years of success.

Everything from the beginning: In 1875, the story of Flor de Caña began when the young Italian Alfredo Fransicso Pellas Canessa set out on a new adventure. He courageously leaves his hometown of Genoa to embark on a voyage to the exotic land of Nicaragua. After his first attempt as captain of a small steamship transporting goods and passengers from the east to the west coast of the United States was jeopardized by the pending construction of the Panama Canal and the coastal railroad, he sought a new challenge.  He finally found it at the foot of San Cristóbal. The fertile soil around the volcano, the enriched water and the hot, volcanic climate provided the ideal conditions for the production of the finest rum - thus the Flor de Caña distillery was born.

»Flor de Caña« means »blossom of sugar cane« in Spanish and picturesquely describes the unique selling point of this exceptional rum. Because the name says it all: Flor de Caña contains ZERO SUGAR in total, which is due to natural maturation as well as the absence of any artificial additives. This distinguishes the rum from its competitors and once again highlights the extraordinary quality and purity of the spirit. But not only the quality is unique: the Flor de Caña Rum is the world's first and only CO2-neutral and Fair Trade produced spirit and therefore has already received several awards. In 2021, the distillery received the "Distillery Sustainability Award" and the "Ethical Award". The distillery's big goal is to plant 1 million trees by 2025, of which they have already been able to realize 800,000 plantings since 2005.

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As Brand Ambassador for Flor de Caña in the German market, Benjamin Braun carries the values of the brand out to the exclusive partners. He has been part of the international Flor de Caña Brand Ambassador team since 2021 and, thanks to his extensive industry experience and dense network, helps to increase brand awareness in the gastronomy and bar scene.

Since the beginning of this year, the Flor de Caña product range has been part of the MackSpirits portfolio.