Let's visit: Rheingau/ Rheinhessen/ Nahe

Mack and Schühle is The Wine & Spirits Family - this includes not only the entire Mack & Schühle team, but also our products and partners on the trade and producer side. At this year's first German Wine Training in the regions Rheingau, Rheinhessen and Nahe, we were able to meet some of our winemakers in person.

Starting in beautiful Hattenheim in the Rheingau, our long-time partner Mark Barth from the VDP.Wein- und Sektgut Barth welcomed us with an aperitif of a special kind: to a short introduction in the sunny courtyard, the B-NAT Pét Nat Brut Nature was poured, which heralded a wonderful start to the training with its smooth creaminess and fresh yeast and grapefruit aromas. A tour of the steel tank and barrel cellar and a brief look into the treasure chamber was followed by an exclusive tasting of Barth wines, which did not miss the Rheingau cultural asset, Charta Riesling from Erste and Große Lagen.

From there, our team was whisked away to the VDP.Weingut Balthasar Ress, which today is the largest certified organic winery in the Rheingau. The path from the VDP.Wein- und Sektgut Barth led through the Ersten Lagen of Balthasar Ress, such as the Hattenheimer Schützenhaus, where the fine Riesling Kabinett grows. Christian Ress and his team also presented their wines in a stylish atmosphere and invited us to the very first wineBank. This is the origin of the current franchise concept launched by Christian Ress.

The following day took us to the beautiful Nahe region, to the Korell Johanneshof winery. Bad Kreuznach's prime Paradies site is the heart and family pride of the winery, which is why a brief tour of the steel tank and wood cellar was followed by a walk into Korell's breathtaking vineyards. The birthplace of the Kreuznacher Paradies Riesling definitely deserves its name. Of course, the Riesling was not the only highlight of the tasting presented by Martin Korrell. Tobias Kitzer, winemaker of the popular Dreisatz-series, also joined the round.

From the vineyard, the tour moved on to the red wine town of Rheinhessen - Ingelheim. Since 1881, the winery VDP.Weinguts J. Neus has pursued the goal of creating top-level Pinot Noir. Well prepared with specially selected clones, old vine stocks, chalky top sites and well-kept wooden barrels in an impressive vaulted cellar, the results of absolute precision were presented to us in a tasting.

To conclude our German wine tour, we were privileged to be guests at the Baron Knyphausen winery, whose Riesling "Knyp" is a popular part of our Lieblingsglas-series. Frederik zu Knyphausen, whose family has been involved in viticulture since the 19th century, places particular emphasis on the careful selection of the highest quality grapes to guarantee enjoyment at the highest level.

We are very much looking forward to expand the cooperation with our longtime winemakers Mark Barth, Christian Ress and Frederik zu Knyphausen and welcome our newcomers Martin Korell and VDP.Weingut J. Neus in our Wine & Spirits Family!

Thank you again for your hospitality and we look forward to seeing you again soon!