Saint James Bartender’s Society 2021

7 bartenders, 7 unique drinks – we had Saint James as our guest in Owen for the German preliminary round of their legendary Bartender's Society Competition.

From the heart of the Caribbean, the small island of Martinique, comes Saint James – the world's No. 1 brand for Rhum Agricole: handcrafted since 1765, following traditional recipes and made with ingredients from the distillery’s own cultivation. The pure sugar cane juice is first fermented and then distilled in Creole columns. This method, recognized as A.O.C. Martinique rum, gives Saint James this distinctive aroma, with its versatile and fruity bouquets.


Thanks to these characteristics, Saint James is not only a convincing soloist, the range is also heaven made for mixing - and thus serves every year as the basis for the legendary Saint James Bartender's Society Competition! Bartenders from 10 nations take part in the international competition, each with their very own and unique cocktail creation for Saint James.

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We held the German preliminary round in Owen - what a great day, somewhere between exciting bar talks and outstanding drinks. The seven participants all did an absolutely convincing job with their innovative cocktail creations. It was definitely not an easy job to do for the jury, which consisted of the experienced bar professionals Lukas Motejzik | Munich, Sven Riebel | Frankfurt and Dino Zippe | Stuttgart. As a guest, we welcomed Raphaela Schub, the winner of last year’s Saint James Bartender’s Society Competition.

This year, the competition was had the motto "Great Chef's Inspiration", so it was all about the interplay of top cuisine and mixology. At last, Ceiron Gedigk from Fontenay Bar | Hamburg beat the competition with his drink Magaline. He has now the opportunity to prove himself in the international finals in Paris and, in addition to the prize money, win a trip to the Saint James Distillery in Martinique.

We congratulate Ceiron and keep our fingers crossed for Paris! In the same breath, we want to thank all participants for their creative cocktail creations and this all-in-all successful day with us.

Thanks to

  • Sebastian Bauer, Gelbes Haus | Nürnberg – Cocktail: S.M.C. (Strawberry, Moss, Cep)
  • Graeme Lee, Bar Wohlzimmer | Hamburg – Cocktail: Titas Old Fashioned
  • Leander König, Dacaio Bar | Hamburg – Cocktail: Madinina
  • Roxanne Helm, Provocateur Hotel | Berlin – Cocktail: Shibombre
  • Julius Scholtz, Sudermann | Köln – Cocktail: Tingling
  • Maurice Wachter, Spirits of India | Bad Salzuflen – Cocktail: Kaizen
  • Ceiron Gedigk, Fontanay Bar | Hamburg – Cocktail: Magaline


Inspired by Marco d'Andrea, Pâtissier of the Year 2019 and 2020, Ceiron Gedigk has created a drink that plays with the exotic flavors of pineapple and coconut and the sweet spice of muscovado sugar:


4cl Saint James V.S.O.P

3cl Médoc red wine

2cl Riesling Verjus

1 bar spoon maple syrup (grade A)

3 dash pepper tincture 69%Vol. (=long pepper macerated for 24hrs in 69%Vol.)

10cl Three Cents Pineapple Soda