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Scotch Whisky - our newcomers!

A good whisky perfectly rounds off any evening. The right choice is essential - we are now expanding our range with three traditional distilleries from Scotland, bringing the right Scotch for every taste: From April 2021, The Dalmore, Fettercairn and Jura have become part of the MackSpirits portfolio! 

All Scotch whiskies have one thing in common: they must mature for at least three years in oak casks. These are mostly used barrels, be it old bourbon barrels, old sherry or port wine barrels or even old wine barrels. Despite cleaning and charring, a small amount of liquid always remains in the open wooden pores of the staves - and this shapes the whisky in a unique way: in interaction with the wood, each Scotch acquires its own note, e.g. with aromas of dried fruit or sultanas, vanilla, chocolate or nuts.

In this way, as well as with the distinctive raw materials of the region, the most diverse whiskies mature in the distilleries of Scotland - we now have three brands, each with an absolutely unique character, in the MackSpirits portfolio:


From the Dalmore Distillery comes a high-calibre and multi-award-winning range of Highland single malts that play a leading role among international luxury malts and repeatedly achieve record sums at auction.


Fettercairn's premium single malts are characterised by a destinctive house style, achieved in part by the unique copper cooling ring, which produces a pure spirit and gives Fettercairn its unique character.


Off the west coast of Scotland lies the legendary Isle of Jura with its population of barely 210. Jura is the sole distillery on the island and a true community effort of this sworn community. 

The three distilleries have a proud history, with the origins of The Dalmore going back as far as the 13th century. So there is no lack of tradition and experience - just as it should be for a classic Scotch!